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Scarlett Music Inc. is the parent company of The Capriccio Ensemble, which is Scarlett Music Inc's premier ensemble.  Capriccio Ensemble became fully incorporated under the title of Scarlett Music Inc in 2004. We carry liability insurance, and can provide proof of our insurance to your venue, theater or hotel upon your request. The insurance will  be faxed to your catering sales manager or director of events by our insurance agent. Our insurance certificate will read as/have the title of "Scarlett Music Inc dba The Capriccio Ensemble".

Scarlett Music Inc/Capriccio Ensemble provides several other live music options in addition to our own high quality ensembles via the Capriccio Ensemble. If you would like to hear audio samples of the other live music options we have available for you or to receive a CD, pricing and other information about any of the soloists or additional ensembles we can reserve for you, please feel free to E mail us or to fill in our Demo Request form, and in the "Comments" box on the Contact Us page write a note as to what you are interested in, if it is a soloist or customized ensemble other than the Capriccio Ensemble and you will be contacted shortly via E mail or phone to review repertoire, cost and other important details.

Currently (in 2013)  we are not offering any set ensemble or group which is outside of "Capriccio Ensemble" as a Trio or Quartet or Duo. We can book a Jazz Trio for you under Capriccio Ensemble however our current focus is on our very own Strings/Harp/Guitar and with an emphasis on Solo Violin, Duos of Violin & Cello and Vioiln & Harp and String Trios!

Other Live Music Options We  Provide:

1. Solo Pianist
2. A Jazz Trio or other customized small jazz ensemble consisting of Piano or Guitar, Saxophone/Flute and Bass.

3. A Blues Band ranging from Trio to Quintet: Guitar, Vocalist, Drums, Bass, Harmonica

 Please feel free to contact Natalie Kriegler, Artistic Director for a quote or to receive a sample CD or to receive samples of the Jazz Trio, Blues band or other live music options sent to you directly via E mail.

Thank you for your interest in our music!